•     Dr. Justine M. Dale  Thank you to the Dartmouth Public Schools for entrusting me with your amazing Cushman staff and your youngest learners!  I am excited to begin this next journey in my career and as I bring my experience as Principal, motivation and dedication as an educator, and nurturing and compassion as a parent to your school community. 

         Beginning  in a virtual environment and entering into a Remote to phased in Hybrid Model is unique to all of us.  Together and to the best of our abilities we can create a safe environment following guidance, while at the same time, as Early Educators, provide the care and support that our youngest learning require.  These times have been a challenge for all of us, but I am sure that we are ready to invite our children back to the classroom to experience learning through play and social-emotional guidance and support.  I hope, that in the near future, we can begin to experiencing a continued downward trend with Co-vid 19 in order to once again invite our community of volunteers back into the classrooms. 

         For now, I will be waiting to welcome you back to school through written correspondence, virtual meetings, and telephone conversations.  I am thrilled to have the pleasure of see your students in and out of the classroom beginning Sept. 15 from 9:05-12:00 for our PreK students on IEPs in the Integrated PreK program and  beginning with Cohort A on October 1 and Cohort B on October 2 for full days of instruction.  Classroom assignments have gone out and your child's teacher is preparing to see them in the classroom soon!


  •      PreK students with IEPS in our special education slots begin face to face for half days tomorrow! 

         Drop off of any Prek Student in Cohort C will be between 8:55-9:05 tomorrow.  PK parents can pick up their children who are not transported at 12:00 Noon.  Transportation information is still being prepared by our bus company and will be relayed to you if your child's IEP states specialized transportation.  Students should be wearing masks as they enter the vans. 

      We are so excited to see our prek friends!  Washing hands and wearing face masks will be discussed and encouraged from the very start of the day.  We will multiple times for masks breaks and to play outside. 

    All kindergarten students will begin tomorrow remotely!

         Kindergarten students will be meeting with their teacher remotely beginning at 9:05.  Attendance will be taken and students will be given very important information regarding the routines  and schedules for the next two weeks during the remote model. We hope to see you soon when we transition to the Hybrid Model.

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  • Kindergarteners will receive chromebooks for at home learning Thursday morning, September 10.  Please drive around the south side of the school (the main parking lot) at your assigned times.  Please remain in the car and we will hand your items to you.  

    Mrs. Kamm's class: 9:30 -10:00

    Mrs. Sylvia:  10:00-10:30

    Miss. Medeiros 10:30-11:00

    See you tomorrow!

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  •  If you are unsure of your cohort please call the school at 508-996-3926.

    • Students on IEPS in our Integrated Preschool will begin school on Tuesday, September 15 from 9:05-12:00.  Students will be provided with a bagged lunch at dismissal for eating at home.
    • Students in Cohort A will begin during the Hybrid Model on October 1 normal school hours.
    • Students in Cohort B will begin during the Hybrid Model on October 2nd normal school hours.
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