Getting started with NoodleTools

  • Creating a new account

    Login to your DHS school Gmail Account and click the grid icon to access NoodleTools

    Step 1

    If you are using NoodleTools for the first time, choose the Create a new account option and select whether you are a student or teacher. Click Submit.


    Students will select your expected graduation year, example 2020


    Then click Save Profile 

Logging into NoodleTools

  • Once your account is setup, login to your DHS school Gmail account and click the grid icon to access NoodleTools. You can also log in from NoodleTools by typing in your DHS gmail and clicking Sign In with Google.

    Step 1

    *Remember, your username is your school Gmail and your password is your Gmail password.

New to Noodletools? Watch these tutorials!

Extra Help

  • NoodleTools has a great Help page with a wide array of detailed tutorials about how to use the service.  If you need additional assistance, stop by the LMC! We're happy to help!