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    For information and questions contact:

    Christine Oliveira, School Registrar
    508-997-3391 ext. 1108

    Preschool Information and Application Form

    K-12 Student Registration
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    If you do not have access to a computer or need assistance with the registration process, contact Christine Oliveira Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm to schedule an appointment.

    In order to attend Dartmouth Public Schools, parents/guardians of eligible school aged children must be a resident of Dartmouth.  For Kindergarten, children need to be five years old prior to September 1st, and for First Grade, children need to be six years old prior to September 1st.  Although age 5 is the appropriate age for students to enter kindergarten, parents may choose to have their child start kindergarten at age 6. For Grades 2-12, there are no age restrictions.

    In order to register, parents/guardians must provide the following:

    • Child's birth certificate or other documentation which verifies the child's age
    • Complete Physical and Proof of Immunizations dated within the year
    • Before beginning school, the nurse must review your child's record of immunizations for Measles, Mumps, Rubella, DPT, Polio, HIB, the results of a recent Tuberculin skin test, and a full series of Hepatitis B.
    • Transcripts or Report Cards (where applicable)
    • Copy of 504s/IEPs (where applicable)
    • Copy of custody agreement (where applicable)
    • Three (3) forms of proof of residency. One form from each column specifying the parent/guardian’s residency/address must be provided. (For Column A, if the family is currently living with a family member or a friend, a Landlord Affidavit must be completed and copy of their deed or mortgage statement must be provided.)

    Column A Column B Column C
    Copy of QuitClaim Deed Gas Bill Current Vehicle Registration/Insurance
    Copy of Mortgage Statement AND recent receipt Oil Bill W2 Form dated within the past year
    Copy of Lease Agreement (including BHA & HUD Leases) Electric Bill Vehicle Excise Tax Bill dated within the past year
    Legal Affidavit from Landlord AND recent rent receipt Home Telephone Bill* Property Tax Bill dated within the past year
    Purchase and Sales Agreement Cable Bill Letter from Approved Gov't Agency dated within 60 days
    Placement Letter Water Bill Payroll Stub dated within 60 days
        Bank or Credit Card Statement dated within 60 days

    * Cell Phone bills will not be accepted.

    If you need to have the registration packet translated into your native language, please contact Ms. Oliveira at the phone number listed above.