• The first mention of public education in Dartmouth can be found in the town meeting records of July 7, 1702.  The first high school students mentioned during the late eighteen hundreds were tuition students at New Bedford High School.  In 1903, the Bush Street School, presently the Administration Building for the Dartmouth Public Schools, was built to house the first Dartmouth High School class.  In 1927, the high school was moved to the building that now houses the Town Hall.  In 1956, the main portion of what is now the middle school was built and the first addition to it was completed in 1960.  This was followed by another addition in 1981.  Today, the high school is located on Bakerville Road in South Dartmouth.  In 1985, the U.S. Department of Education awarded Dartmouth High School a national Flag of Excellence.  Every ten years, the school is evaluated and accredited.  The most recent accreditation was granted in 2003 and will last unitl the year 2013.

    Our school colors: Green and White

    Our school mascot: The Dartmouth Indian

    Our school song: Glory to Dartmouth

    Glory to Dartmouth
    Loyally sing.
    Now all together,
    Make the echoes ring for Dartmouth.
    Our team's a winner.
    We've got the stuff.
    We wear the Dartmouth green
    And that's enough.