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    What is Title I?

    Title I provides federal dollars for supplemental educational opportunities to help children meet the State's challenging content and performance standards.  Dartmouth Public Schools has a School Wide Title I Program. 

    The goal of Title 1 is to ensure a high-quality education for every child, by providing extra help to students who need it most. Title I has three primary objectives:

    • to improve student achievement for all participating children
    • to improve staff development
    • to improve parental and community involvement

    Title 1 funds are distributed to districts and individual school based on the number of low-income families served. However, once a school qualifies for Title 1 funds, academic need, not economic status, determines which students receive extra services. Title 1 funds are intended to supplement (add to), not replace, state and federal funds. 
    For more information visit the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education or contact the Dartmouth Public Schools Title I director.

    Please click here for Title I Evaluation SY 2021-2022. 

    How can I help maintain Dartmouth's Title I Program

    Title I funding is based on the district-wide poverty percentage, which is calculated with the Free & Reduced Price Lunch data.  Therefore, it is very important that  all families complete a Free & Reduced Price Lunch Application, even if they think they will not qualify.  Additional information and applications are available on our website and at the Administration Building on Bush Street.  The applications are confidential, and students receiving Free & Reduced Price Lunch are not identified in any "public" way.

    Please click here for more information on our Lunch Program

    Title I Service Model 

    Dartmouth Public Schools Title I schools are George H. Potter School, James Quinn School and Joseph Demello. In accordance with federal and state regulations, Potter, Quinn and DeMello employ Math Coaches and Specialists.  The coaches will work with teachers in Title I classrooms to assist with strengthening classroom math/literacy instruction, providing strategies and interventions for Title I students, and monitoring progress of students. At Joseph Demello School, Title I funds are used to purchase instructional supplies.

    The Dartmouth Public Schools Title I model is a School-wide Program  The primary goal is to ensure that all students, particularly those who are low-achieving, demonstrate proficient and advanced levels of achievement on state academic achievement standards. The School-wide Program maximizes the impact of Title I.  Schoolwide programs use the approach of improving the entire school program with the intent of meeting the needs of those students who are failing or most at risk of failing to meet the state’s academic achievement standards.  Students’ services will be the same as years past, Math Specialists will be working with small groups of students for targeted intervention. However, with a school-wide approach the groups can be more fluid.



Degrees and Certifications:

Quinn Title I Staff - Kelley

Kelley Long  

Hi Everyone! My name is Mrs. Long and I am a Math Specialist here at Quinn Elementary School where I work with students in a small group setting to offer additional support in math. This is my sixth year at Quinn and I am loving every minute of it! I have always been passionate about math, and I strive every day to instill some of that passion in my students.

I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where I earned my B.A. in Humanities and Social Sciences. I then attended Roger Williams University to earn my Master degree in Elementary Education. Most recently I earned my Advanced Professional Certificate from Lesley University in Mathematics Education.

Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and two dogs, as well as time at the beach!



Degrees and Certifications:

Quinn Title I Staff - Alexis

Alexis Cochran

My name is Miss Cochran and I have been a Math Specialist at Quinn Elementary School for the past twelve years. I have always been passionate about math, and I love that I get to spend my days sharing my passion with my students as we work to grow our math minds together! As a Dartmouth Public Schools alumni, I am so proud to be able to teach in the school system that inspired me to follow the path of teaching.

I graduated from Bridgewater State University where I majored in Elementary Education and Mathematics and earned my Bachelor of Science in Education.  I earned my Master of Education in Mathematics Education from Lesley University.

During my free time, I love spending time with family, friends, and my puppy, Lilly, as well as crafting and spending time outdoors!



Degrees and Certifications:

Potter Title I Staff

Kristin Daggett 
Kristin Daggett has been a Math Specialist at Potter Elementary School since 2014.  Prior to that her educational experience includes working as a Math Interventionist at the middle school level.  Mrs. Daggett enjoys collaborating with her colleagues within the Dartmouth Public School district to support and teach all Dartmouth students in their learning.  Mrs. Daggett likes to cook and bake in her spare time and spends many hours on the sidelines cheering on her soccer players.  (Pictured on the right)
Marie Duggan

Hi, my name is Mrs. Duggan and I have changed from a 4th grade classroom teacher to  a math specialist at Potter School. I love math and helping others discover joy in math too! Now I get to work with students at all grade levels.  I have taught Preschool through 4th grade. Potter School is my happy place.  I live with my husband and three children and enjoy reading, doing logic puzzles and listening to music in my free time. ( Pictured on the left)




Degrees and Certifications:

DeMello Title I Staff

Deb McGillick 

My name is Ms. McGillick and I am a Math Specialist at the Joseph DeMello School where I work with students in a small group setting to offer additional support in math.  This is my first year teaching in the Dartmouth Public School system and I am so excited to be part of this great team.  Previously, I was an Instructional Math Coach for ten years.  In the years prior,  I was a classroom teacher for many different grade levels. I graduated with a masters degree in Elementary Education from the University of Dartmouth.   Being a math specialist is my dream job!  I love that I get to mathematize all day with my students and help to foster a love for learning math in them as well.