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  • The Office of Teaching & Learning is responsible for envisioning, planning, and directing the implementation of curriculum and instruction, assessment, and professional learning.  The major objectives of the Office of Teaching and Learning include:

    • Aligning Dartmouth Public Schools’ curriculum to the 2017 Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Mathematics and English Language Arts, 2016 Digital Literacy and Computer Science Frameworks, the 2018 History and Social Science Frameworks, the 2016 Science and Technology Engineering Frameworks.
    • Ensuring that skills, concepts and topics align from one grade to the next eliminating any gaps and reducing redundancies
    • Managing Rubicon/Atlas, Dartmouth Public Schools online curriculum management platform, with unit designs, lesson plans, instructional materials, and assessments
    • Ensuring each teacher is equipped with core and specialized materials and resources  so all students can access the curriculum content
    • Organizing and delivering professional learning for teachers and support staff
    • Enhancing teachers’ expertise by providing multiple opportunities for teacher collaboration across schools through professional and curriculum development work
    • Guiding and supporting teachers, instructional coaches and administrators in the implementation of research-based instructional practices
    • Collaborating with Special Educators and teachers of English Language Learners to ensure maximum accessibility for students
    • Reviewing data sources for evidence of student growth and making appropriate adjustments
    • Developing and maintaining Dartmouth Public Schools Title I Program
    • Organizing the teacher induction and mentoring program to provide comprehensive supports to support, prepare and retain effective educators

    Dartmouth Public Schools Curriculum Accommodation Plan (DCAP)

    Textbook Adoption and Instructional Material Plan

    Dartmouth Public Schools Curriculum Update

    2018 Teaching and Learning Annual Report

    The Office of Teaching and Learning actively cultivates a culture of equity and excellence by creating and sustaining curriculum and instructional practices that lead to high quality learning and growth for each and every student. Along with curriculum, The Office of Teaching and Learning emphasizing the importance of Social Emotional Learning, continuing the district theme of Kindness Matters.

    Family Guides to the Standards are designed to facilitate content-rich communication and collaboration between schools and students' families. Available in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Chinese (simplified characters), the guides articulate grade-level expectations for ELA/literacy, math, and STE (HSS coming in 2019) in accessible, jargon-free terms. They also include conversation starters for home and school. Attached here for your use are some simple messages and images promoting the tools in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

    Two Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) to the 2017 Curriculum Framework for Mathematics are now available! The first, “Fractions Learning Progression in Grades 3–5,” describes the learning trajectory from the conceptual foundations of fractions to fluency with fractional operations. The second QRG, “Standard Algorithms for Addition and Subtraction,” summarizes the progression of standards related to developing a conceptual understanding of the standard algorithms for addition and subtraction. Each two-page QRG is designed to be widely accessible and easy to distribute, and additional QRGs will be released on a rolling basis throughout the school year.




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