Portuguese Immigration Sites

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    Check out FOF's American History database and the eBook 
    Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America.  Each has some good information on the Portuguese in America. ... soooo gooood!  Muito bom!

    Through maps and photographs, this exhibit celebrates Portuguese communities in the United States. Primarily, it documents the migration of Portuguese people to America and their subsequent settlement in this new homeland. It also highlights the Portuguese contributions to the exploration and mapping of these unchartered lands.
    This article, from the Boston Globe, focuses on the fact that there are a million residents speaking Portuguese as their first or second language, in the state. (That is about twice the number of Spanish speakers in Massachusetts.)
    This site is from the Library of Congress and provides an inclusive timeline.
    This site, maintained by MIT, offers an extensive listing of Portuguese Newspapers and Magazines.
    This site, by Kindred Trails, offers all sorts of genealogical information for researchers.
    The site focuses on the first Portuguese nationals to live in the Hawaiian kingdom.
    This page has current data, in terms of the number of Portuguese-Americans living in each state.
    There are Portuguese immigrants all over the world, and Canada is no exception!
    More information on the Portuguese in Canada!
    This museum and web site preserves the history of Portuguese immigrants on the West Coast but is relevant to those of us who are interested in Portuguese immigration.
    Portuguese Americans "Countries and Their Cultures" offers a nice overview of Portugal, its early history, all aspects of its culture, and a thorough treatment of immigration trends.