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    Quinn Family Outreach Social Workers
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                                          Kelly Bloom, LCSW          508-997-3178 x4504       kellybloom@dartmouthschools.org                                
         Erin L. Gomes, LICSW     508-997-3178 x4528      eringomes@dartmouthschools.org
                                                             Tiffany Martin, LICSW     508-997-3178 x4110      tiffanymartin@dartmouthschools.org

    The Outreach Social Workers at James M. Quinn Elementary School are available to help all students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development and future readiness, ensuring today's students become productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow. Referrals for outreach support services may be made by parents, teachers and school administration.  Parents, if you feel your child could benefit from meeting with an outreach worker at school, please contact one of us or a school administrator to make a referral for your child.    
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    May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the US and it’s finding many of us in a difficult moment. Whether it's the effects of isolation, balancing working and caretaking from home, financial worry, or even grief, living in a state of stress feels like the norm. But none of us are alone.

    As we all continue to take things day by day, there are small things we can do to help protect and maintain our mental health. Not only does this benefit your own mind, but it has a positive ripple effect for those around you — whether it’s your family, your partner, your friends, or your team.

    Prioritize your mind with these tools and exercises during Mental Health Awareness Month and beyond.  https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/4137181/30daysofmindfulness_updated.pdf
    Resources and Activities:
    So many Quinn Elementary students participated in The Great Kindness Challenge last January. The same organization has created the Peace Pledge In Action, a checklist of some ideas to care for others, our earth and ourselves while maintaining safe social distances. 
    When times get tough, restless, or a little bit boring, try some recommended mindful exercises and games for kids.
    We all want to teach our kids how to embrace mistakes as learning opportunities, take reasonable risks, and believe in their unlimited potential. All of these qualities go along with cultivating a growth mindset. Work on growth mindsets using mindset maker fortune tellers!

    This is a scavenger hunt that will have students searching for things that bring up certain emotions, feelings or memories.  For example, students will look for objects that:

    • Make them laugh
    • Are part of a new hobby
    • Help them remember a trip

    Feelings Scavenger Hunt

    Second Step

    Second Step is the social- emotional learning program used school wide.  Students in grades K–5 at Quinn Elementary School meet with an outreach social worker and their classroom teacher on a weekly basis to continue developing their social-emotional skills—including making friends, managing emotions, and solving problems—to set them on the path for social success and academic readiness.
    FOR MORE INFORMATION:  http://www.cfchildren.org/second-step  
    Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS): 
    At Quinn Elementary: "I RESPECT you, I RESPECT me, I RESPECT everything I see!"
    How can parents be involved?
    Support a positive school climate.
    Volunteer in school activities.
    Celebrate your child's successes.
    Recognize and reinforce positive behaviors in your children at home.
    Become familiar with your child's school behavioral expectations and incentive programs.
    FOR MORE INFORMATION:  http://www.pbis.org

    Sandbox Learning Articles:  Please check back frequently as a new Sandbox Learning article will be posted each month. Please contact a school outreach worker if you would like a copy of any of the articles.  

    September 2020:  Strategies for Returning to School After a Break
    Strategies for Returning to School after a Break provides tips to help make the transition from break back to school easier.
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