• Welcome to the Andrew B. Cushman School

    Welcome to our early childhood programs at the Andrew B. Cushman School. We are very excited about having your child join our school system this year.

    These early school years are important milestones in your child’s educational career, the first of many wonderful and exciting learning years ahead. They are about incorporating academic goals and social preparation essential for developing a well-adjusted and secure individual. We firmly believe that each child comes to school ready and willing to learn. It is our goal and our responsibility at Cushman to foster that love of learning, which is the basis for a lifetime of growth, exploration and future success. Our programs are designed to provide your child with the fundamental skills and knowledge that he/she will need to become a successful student in the years ahead.

    As a parent/guardian with a child entering preschool or Kindergarten, you may have questions or concerns regarding what to expect this year. This website contains information about our school policies and procedures, as well as some examples of what your child will be learning or achieving in school. If you should have any questions, please contact the Cushman School office staff or your child’s teacher. We wish you and your child an exciting and rewarding school year!

     Parent/Guardian/Family Involvement

    Parents and guardians are children’s first and most important teachers. The things a child learns during the elementary years are the foundation for all the learning that comes after. One of the most important lessons we can pass on to our children is that learning is fun!

    We view parents/guardians as vital advocates in their child’s educational journey. We cannot stress enough how important your partnership and involvement in your child’s education is in this important journey. The Cushman School staff fosters parent/guardian involvement by promoting close home/school communication. Our staff utilizes various methods, such as phone calls, emails and written notes home.  The teachers send home monthly newsletters to inform parents of upcoming instructional topics, homework, important dates and other classroom reminders.  Parents and guardians also receive a copy of the principal’s monthly newsletter and calendar.