•    Welcome

    Welcome to Joseph DeMello Elementary School! We currently serve students in Grade 1 through Grade 5, with four classes at each grade level.  We have approximately 410 students, with class sizes ranging from 17 to 24 students.  Many of our students come from strong bilingual families, offering us a rich and culturally diverse environment.

    The DeMello School community takes pride in its commitment to developing strong academic and social skills in our students. In accompaniment to our rigorous core academic curriculum, we offer various reading and math interventions, support for English Language Learners, special education services and Outreach counseling services.

    The sense of community is extended beyond the school day with our PTO Family Nights. Each PTO night has a special focus where parents and students participate in fun learning activities.

      Mission Statement  

    The Joseph DeMello School is an educational and social community where all children will experience a quality education in an environment of mutual respect and cooperation.