•                James M. Quinn Elementary School

    James M. Quinn Elementary School was originally Dartmouth Middle School until September 2003. A steadily increasing enrollment and overcrowding in all the elementary schools necessitated a redistricting of elementary school students. The construction and opening of the new Dartmouth High School afforded an opportunity to address the overcrowding and issues related to it by moving the Middle School to the old high school and converting the Middle School into an elementary school.

    The Quinn Elementary School is the largest of the three elementary schools in Dartmouth. It is currently educating an excess of 660 students. It is a wonderful school with an outstanding staff and a very supportive parent group. The primary goal of the staff is to ensure each and every child receives an quality education. This means there is not only an emphasis on the academic growth of every child, but there is also a focus on each child's social and emotional development. As a staff, we believe each and every child wants to be successful and as professionals, it is our goal to do all we can to ensure that happens.

    Understandably, this goal can not be accomplished without the support of parents and the Dartmouth community. Any success we are able to accomplish is directly attributed to the staff, parents, and the community working together. The staff works with the children to ensure that instruction is differentiated in order to meet the needs of each student. Staff members are also cognizant of the importance of the social and emotional learning needs facing each child at the various stages of development. The parents support their children's education by sending a strong message to each child that education is important and even though there are high expectations for each child, the adults are there to help each child meet those expectations. The Dartmouth community also needs to believe that education is important and as such, demonstrate its belief by supporting its public schools. When all these groups work together, the children benefit and as our children benefit, so will our society.