• Mission

     The mission of the Dartmouth Public Schools
    is to provide a quality education for all learners.

     The Dartmouth Public School District, in partnership with parents and community, will deliver challenging, standards-based instruction for all students that fosters academic, physical, social and emotional development. Utilizing data analysis to drive instruction, we will implement specific strategies to support every student to think critically, solve problems, and become a responsible, contributing citizen. Our high school graduates will possess the required skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in their academic and vocational ambitions.

    Our District

    Dartmouth Public Schools is a comprehensive school district that serves over 3700 students in grade Pre-K through 12 in the greater Dartmouth area.  Dartmouth Public Schools consists of 1 preschool, 4 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school.   



    Our school logo: The Dartmouth Indian

    The Dartmouth Indian

    Prior to the early 1970's, Dartmouth High School utilized several iterations of a Dartmouth Indian logo on athletic team uniforms. Following the undefeated 1973 football season, Mr. Clyde Andrews, member of the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah), DHS Class '74 and Dartmouth Hall of Famer, redesigned the Indian image to more accurately reflect and honor the Eastern Woodlands Indians of the region now known as Dartmouth. An iteration of the image designed by Andrews remains in use today and continues to pay homage to the Wampanoag.  The symbol is an icon of respect, honor and strength--key characteristics exemplified by Dartmouth students in competition, whether on the athletic fields or in the concert halls.  The Dartmouth Indian symbol is a key tenet of our Dartmouth Pride.