• As a parent/guardian, you have the option of homeschooling your child.  When a parent or guardian of a student below the age of 16 wants to establish a home-based educational program for his/her child, the following procedures shall be followed in accordance with the law:
    Prior to removing the child from public school:
    The parent/guardian must submit written notification of establishment of the home-based program to the appropriate administrator 14 days before the program is established, and resubmit notification on an annual basis as long as the child or children are being educated in a homebased environment. The parent/guardian must certify in writing a Home School Plan for each child in the program, including:
    The name, age, and place of residence
    1. The number of hours of attendance (900 hours for elementary level and 990 hours for secondary level).
    2. A brief statement regarding the parent/guardian's qualifications.  For example, high school diploma, college degree, etc.  This is strictly for informational purposes only
    3. The request needs to include an academic plan for each child, including the curriculum to be used.
      If you choose to homeschool your child, please follow this procedure for submission:
    1. All requests must be made in writing to the Director of Teaching and Learning prior to the start of the school year on an annual basis.  If you opt to homeschool your child during the school year, you will still need to put your request in writing prior to initiating the program.

    2. All requests must include the parent/guardian's name, address, and telephone number.  It also needs to include each child's name, date of birth, and grade level. If your child receives any services, please include that information in the letter.  We want to make sure that these services are still being met.

    3. The Director of Teaching and Learning will review each homeschool request, and will notify parents/guardians and the district school in writing with their status.

      *Please note that we do not supply textbooks or materials for homeschooling.

    Parents/guardians can submit their child's homeschool request and academic plan to:

    Dartmouth Public Schools
    Attn:  Director of Teaching and Learning 
    8 Bush Street
    Dartmouth, MA 02748

    Or by email to: Karen Scorpio, Administrative Assistant to the Directors of Teaching and Learning Karenscorpio@dartmouthschools.org subject line: homeschool request.

    If you have any questions about our homeschooling procedure, please contact the Director of Teaching and Learning at 508-997-3391 x1107.